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Lutheran Student Fellowship Pittsburgh


“During These Years

You Become Who You Will Be Forever”

Three international students baptized, five student weddings, speaking engagements at the Jewish University Center and in dormitories and in classrooms, offering alternatives to pornography on campus, engaging post-modern scholars on their turf, a panelist at a conference discussion on homosexuality and faith, making omelets at midnight breakfast, attending “Diversity Dinners” on race and on language with the Dean, student leaders recruited and discipled and equipped to reach out, etc., etc. What is this? This is just the tip of the iceberg at several different schools in one year of your Pittsburgh campus ministry!

“God uses Pastor Andræ in amazing ways to share the Gospel.” – Karol Selle, Public Relations Director for the nationwide International Student Ministry, Inc.

Please prayerfully consider ongoing support:

  • Make checks payable to “First Trinity” with “campus ministry” in the memo line.
  • Mail donations to LCMS Campus Ministry, 535 N. Neville St., Pittsburgh, PA 15213.
  • If you are a Thrivent member, please contribute through Thrivent Choice to “Lutheran Student Fellowship of Pittsburgh, PA”.
  • You can donate online: for no-fee, secure giving, go to the giving portal at this link and choose “Campus Ministry” (2nd option) from the drop- down menu; for
    recurring giving options, just follow the directions to sign up.
  • For direct deposit and other giving options through your bank, please contact Pastor Andrae directly
  • We can also accept donations through PayPal.  Please click on the button below:

“Scholars and research tell us that the years between 18-25 are considered critical years. Decisions made during this time are formative for the rest of life. Another way to say this is that during these years you become who you will be forever” (Derek Melleby, director of the College Transition Initiative). Over 15,000 new students come to Pittsburgh area colleges and universities each year: If your gift makes the difference in even just one life, then the angels will rejoice, and you and I with them. Won’t you please help?!

“Pastor Andræ has such a remarkable ability to bridge people to God.” – Joy Kosisky +, Executive Producer for Kosisky Films and Technical Director for Turner Sports/NBATV

For more information contact Pastor Eric R. Andræ at or 412-683-4121.

Thank you!