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Lutheran Student Fellowship Pittsburgh

Who We Are

Nicole’s Story

“First Trinity and Lutheran Student Fellowship meant a great deal to me over the past four years. I was invited to the church and came one day just to grab some free food at a barbecue, and it ended up changing my life forever.

I have received tremendous support from the members at First Trinity – from an anonymous donation to get me home for a family emergency to friendships that will last a lifetime. First Trinity has become my favorite place to be in Pittsburgh. I have grown as a person through the support here, and I have grown in my faith.

I was confirmed as a Lutheran here my freshman year and, because of the support of Pastors Andræ and Spittel, I have learned more about what my faith is and what it means to me. As I leave Pittsburgh next month (after graduation) I am truly sad to be leaving the one place where I always had people and God to count on.”

Nicole, past President and recent graduate, Univ. of Pittsburgh Lutheran Student Fellowship Chapter

Queen’s Story

“I should say I was nearly an atheist before I came to Pittsburgh. However after almost two years I accepted Christianity and baptism on Christmas Eve 2006. During this process, the First Trinity Lutheran Church and International Student Ministry in Pittsburgh played the most important role and I joined it. The following is something about this church in my eyes.

This is not a big church, but the people in this church are very nice. This is very important, I think. If the interaction with the church is unpleasant or people are not as good as they are supposed to be, it will keep away non-Christians. People in this church are nice to talk with and do good things which itself builds up my confidence and belief. It’s like a family, some student said.

Pastors in this church work very hard. Pastor Eric Andræ works as campus minister. His schedule is very tight because he has dedicated himself to so many works and activities for campus students from several universities around this area. It’s impossible for you to be untouched if you see how he makes himself so busy until late at night not for money but for students, for work, for the belief in Christianity. At the same time he tries to be as good as possible, energetic, humorous and impressive.

They created and designed a lot of meaningful, interesting activities for students, especially for international students. For example, they have an English class and Bible studies for internationals and offer free childcare; they bake cookies and sing Christmas songs for people at Family House, a home-away-from-home for out-of-town long-term hospital patients and their families; they organize students to see some good movies together; they arrange retreats to study on some interesting topics; they have Friday parties for students each month; etc.; etc. All these activities are good for anyone who has joined in improving and relaxing him or herself.

They care for each one’s life, thinking, problems. They talk to and give help to anyone who needs it. This yields a lot of work but they take it and make students feel as warm as in their home. So more and more students visit this church and stay because we have found our home in both physical sense and spiritual sense.”

Queen, international student at Pitt