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Lutheran Student Fellowship Pittsburgh

Alana Stewart Newman highlights September

All events at First Trinity Church (535 N. Neville), unless otherwise noted.

September highlights – 

Welcome back barbecue – Front lawn here at First Trinity Church, 12:30pm, Sunday, Sept. 13 (immediately after 11am worship).  

Alana (Stewart) Newman – controversial and renowned author, speaker, blogger, and singer-songwriter; Director of the Coalition Against Reproductive Trafficking (CART) and Founder of the Anonymous Us Project on 3PR ?- is here Sept. 24-27:

     ~Thurs., Sept. 24, 5:15-6:00pm – live, in-person radio appearance on WORD ( or 101.5-FM in Pgh.)

     ~Thurs., 9-10:30pm – “YOU NEED LOVE. Love Needs Trust. Trust Needs Virtue” at Pitt (Kurtzman Rm., William Pitt Union)

    ~Fri., Sept. 25, 6:30-8pm – “Third Party Reproduction: Coerced Abandonment or Reproductive Freedom?” at CMU (Porter Hall 100)

     ~Sat., Sept. 26, 8:00-8:30pm – Hear the singer-songwriter perform at Nied’s pub, along with local legend Slim Forsythe (opening bands begin at 6pm).

      ~Sat. Sept. 26, 10:00-10:45pm – LSF joins the PGH Christian Studies program for a discussion with Alana and Slim about the role of Christians in the arts.  Must register with Pastor Andrae.

    ~Sun., Sept. 2?7, 9:45-10:45am – “Third Party Reproduction: The Emperor’s New Kids – from the Perspective of One of the Lord’s New Kids [her adult conversion]” here at First Trinity Church

      ~Sun., 11:00am – Worship at First Trinity

      ~Sun., 12:30pm – Lunch with LSF at First Trinity

      ~Sun., 7:00pm – musical performance at Snake Hill, on a bill with Mark Williams.  Must register with Pastor Andrae.