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Pittsburgh Lutheran Student Fellowships



International Student Ministry (ISM) of Pittsburgh offers one ESL class weekly during the school year.
Our instructor is Monica Snyder, a bi-lingual, dual citizen with a major in International Studies.
There is also the opportunity to attend the optional “Introduction to the Bible and Christianity” class.
As always, there is no cost and all materials are provided; FREE!
We also offer conversation partners and friendship families upon request.
All instruction takes place in McKinney Hall (main floor), here at First Trinity Church.
Our ISM Director and Chaplain is Pastor Eric R. Andræ (S.T.M., Lic.).  Pastor Andræ has special affinity for and identity with the international community: while holding dual citizenship, he is himself a native of Sweden who had to learn English upon immigrating; his wife, Paola, is a native of Mexico. He is the Associate Pastor for International Ministry at First Trinity.
All are welcome!