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Pittsburgh Lutheran Student Fellowships

Student Bible Study

Due to the G-20 next week, health we are rescheduling the Student LSF Bible Study for next week only, cialis 40mg from its regular day (Wednesday) to TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2009. The Bible Study will be at 8:00 p.m., followed by a special Evening Prayer for the G-20 summit at 9:10.  The regular schedule resumes on September 30. (more…)

Read a good book lately?

Hey, sildenafil instead of playing the latest video game or spending hours on the ‘net, website like this how about expanding your mind and soul with one of these volumes: World magazine’s Top 40 books of the last century – “The best titles proclaiming or applying a biblical worldview in a hostile 20th century” (see below). You won’t regret it. And you’ll feel less guilty next time you squander an evening on WoW. 🙂


Voter’s Guide for Christians

Visit for a helpful guide.

Video Feature on Homeless Ministry at

Our brand-new homeless ministry, FTHM, treatment was recently covered by The Pitt News in a video feature. To view the feature, go to First Trinity’s web-site. The producer of the video is our own Sherri H. Great job, Sherri!

The How & Why of How and Why We Worship the Way We Do!

The Lutheran Church is liturgical (AC XV, check Ap. XXIV.1). We use what some call a “traditional style.” In her worship, which is her very life-breath by the means of grace, the Church gives form and shape to the faith she believes and confesses. The Church is not the world: she does not speak like the world, sound like it, act like it, appear like it, or even smell like it; the Church is not worldly. In her children’s gift-receiving and thanks-giving, the Church speaks and sings biblically and uncommonly liturgically; she sounds a heavenly harmony of angels and archangels and all the company of heaven; she acts corporately and humbly and reverently; she appears in unique garments and sanctified dress; and she smells like the incense of God-pleasing repentant prayer with lifted up hands. (more…)

The Cult of the University

From Logia Eastertide 2008, no rx p. 60
The following by Rev. Scott R. Murray is an extract from the
daily email devotion “Memorial Moment.” To subscribe, sick see (more…)

Why a LUTHERAN Campus Ministry?

Why a Lutheran campus ministry? Why do we need an LCMS presence at our universities, when there are so many other Christian groups already active on campus? Why do we have a full-time Missouri Synod campus pastor, ampoule when there are already so many Christian leaders, viagra dosage even “conservative” ones, working at our colleges in Pittsburgh? (more…)

The Problem of Evil

“We are not told-or not in any way that satisfies our puzzled questioning-how and why there is radical evil within God’s wonderful, beautiful and essentially good creation. One day I think we shall find out, but I believe we are incapable of understanding it at the moment, in the same way that a baby in the womb would lack the categories to think about the outside world. (more…)


From the Wall Street Journal, cost check out Gene Veith’s eloquent take on profanity.

Church Shopping?

Check out this helpful article on finding a good church.