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Pittsburgh Lutheran Student Fellowships

The How & Why of How and Why We Worship the Way We Do!

The Lutheran Church is liturgical (AC XV, check Ap. XXIV.1). We use what some call a “traditional style.” In her worship, which is her very life-breath by the means of grace, the Church gives form and shape to the faith she believes and confesses. The Church is not the world: she does not speak like the world, sound like it, act like it, appear like it, or even smell like it; the Church is not worldly. In her children’s gift-receiving and thanks-giving, the Church speaks and sings biblically and uncommonly liturgically; she sounds a heavenly harmony of angels and archangels and all the company of heaven; she acts corporately and humbly and reverently; she appears in unique garments and sanctified dress; and she smells like the incense of God-pleasing repentant prayer with lifted up hands. (more…)